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Ello, ello, ello …

Finally! Our new, long awaited,
website has arrived and to top it all,
new branding.

We thought we should further develop our company branding with a new and sparkly website, and here it is!

We hope you love it as much as we do.

I have to say, getting the website to ‘go-live’ has been a longer process than we expected. We hang our heads in shame at some of our own avoidance tactics in getting on with the job, but it’s given us a useful extra insight into the world of our clients. Everyone’s busy, and making a new website takes time. But, once we got over ourselves and agreed a “no messing” deadline, the whole thing came together rather quickly. (I personally told a lot of people the site was going live today – “hello” if you are one of them – so didn’t want egg on my face.)

Being a visually-led kinda girl, it was the copy that was hardest to get my head around, so I called in some help. As always, when writing for a website and the online environment, there needs to be a balance between using “search engine keywords” and making a real connection with your reader; you don’t want them switching off and clicking away to somewhere else in cyber space.

I’m in a continued process with regard to the website text and will happily accept even more assistance from a penned pal (copywriter) in the future. I’ve experienced at first hand just how marvelous they are, and well worth the time saved!

So, as I’m forever going on about regularly updating your own websites, you’ll definitely be hearing more from me very shortly, via the blog. But not too soon as I’m heading off to the Alps for a long-deserved – and awaited – rest.

It’s all downhill from here!

Rai Jenkins